You said Bio !

The production of organic wine is governed by European regulation 2092/91 which specifies the rules of production in vineyards and vinification in cellars:

  •  Wine formulated from grapes obtained following the organic cultivation methods which exclude    insecticides, fungicides, chemical fertilisers and herbicides in the vines.
  •  Vinification according to the specifications of European regulation 2092/91: restriction on the use of SO2,  restricted list of authorised oenological products.

Organic wine therefore contains no pesticides and is formulated with a reduced dose of sulphites.


To market organically farmed products, all actors in the chain (whether a producer, processor, distributor or importer) must have been checked by an approved certifying body.



The European Union’s organic logo certifies that the product in question conforms to the European Union’s regulations on organic agriculture.


The AB certification mark is a French logo that identifies organic products. All organics products which the organic ingredient content is greater than 95% shall be entitled to the words "Organic Farming" in their sales denomination.

You will systematically find the logos  and on our bottles attesting  to organic certification.


Demeter and Biodyvin are labels that identify biodynamically farmed products. This method of organic cultivation seeks to stimulate the natural rhythms by applying specific preparations in accordance with aspecific timetable.

Everything that the plant needs is found in its environment: strength, balance and     harmony become    more apt at withstanding external aggressions.


Ecocert et Qualité France sont des sociétés de contrôle et de certification indépendantes, agréées par les pouvoirs publics. Elles interviennent sur le terrain, afin de garantir le respect des normes spécifiques à l’agriculture biologique.

                                     You will also find the certifying body ECOCERT’s code “FR-BIO-01” on each of our bottles.